Britomart Friday night

AK’s not so bad of an eve. Brilliant Chris Marker videxhibit at Gus Fisher gallery. Lawrence Simmons and I traded insults with Nick Perry antagonising ascerbically in all directions. Martina and Chris not much better. Everything fell apart quicker than you can say Winston Peters.

Arrived here at Britomart having to wait a solid half hour – longer – for the next damn train. WIfe bitterly dissapointed and putting up magnificent show of not showing it.

Saw John careful-how-you-spell-it Carapiet and that was brilliant. He’s running in Helen’s Mt Albert. The thing is, you have to run a candidate, even if all you’re really interested in is the electoral  list. Doesn’t matter if no-one votes for you, you can still do heaps of good in the area just by virture of being a candidate.

15 minutes till the train. Gonna post this, figure out how to change the dorky tagline under the blog heading, get on the goddam train and get back.


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