Strategising the ETS

There was much heated debate last week about whether or not the Greens should support the Emmissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Yes, it has come to this. Such is the degree of difficulties with Labour that supporting a piece of legislation that would contribute towards vital Green goals of countering climate change could be strongly argued to be against Green interests.

But Jeanette probably made the right decision. The Greens are, after all, the only party that actually makes its policies known, and then acts upon them (I’ll investigate that claim more thoroughly shortly). We did support it, it will go through, and we’re all still here. Anyone who seriously believes the we would have gained more votes off National supporters by derailing it is clearly more interested in us as a foil for Labour than as a real political entity with a mandate from real voters to serve and protect a real environment.

We’re all still here.


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