Wonders of the untrained mind

Nationals done well to be first on the scene with their billboard campaign. “Wave goodbye to higher taxes, not your loved ones”. At first, I thought I should be worried … was there something terrible happening to my loved ones? Should I be home, defending wife and daughter against some ghastly peril? Turns out there was nothing in it. National were just expressing concern that they might suddenly emmigrate.

What a load of nonsense! If my loved ones (or anyone else) wants to leave the country, good on them. No viable amount of tax cutting is going to stop them. As a small isolated country, we like people going away. We love it when they come back too, but let’s be serious

By all means, sing a song of tax reduction, but don’t pretend it’s going to mitigate the kiwis-leaving-the-country-in-droves problem.

People leaving the country is just something ytou have to expect. Where the hell did JK cut his teeth?


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