So, the Greens have entered the fray with their camapgin. What do you think?

My associations with it are: future focus, cleanliness, simplicity, accountability, serious and, on the negative side, it looks a little cold and slightly damp.

Still, miles better than the blue team’s, which seem to suffer from exactly the same problems that the Greens’ did last time: confusion and clutter. I think both the Greens’ and National’s 08 campaign suffer from a certain over investment in fear mongering.

Chris Trotter has been quoted as saying this Green campaign has the potential to deliver a 2% increase of vote share, which, when you’re in the little leage hovering around 5%, is a big deal. But one can’t help but wonder in these days of peak oil, infrastructure crisis and the consumer drive towards authenticity, that maybe they couldn’t have set their sights higher.

Still, at least one things clear: party vote Green.


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