Who cares?

We always new that Helen jumping into beddy-bies with Winston was never going to give anyone a really good night’s sleep. I’ve never cared for him, although he certainly had his day over the winebox affair, and a few other corruption scandals.

Public Address is right to waggle the finger at those who compare the media attention to a “gang rape”. That is uncalled for nastiness.

But since the general tone has been lowered, I’ll chip in with my analogy: Graeme Capill. Not that I’m fingering Winston with the same crime as the former Christian Heritage Party leader, just that he’s going down in the same way: by his own sword.

For Capill, it was about sexual morality. Winston’s always thrived by pointing out corruption in others. There you have it.

Or the 70s Mad magazine on watergate: “The president said he never did it. His men say they never did it. Maybe they didn’t. Maybe it never happened.”

Or the leutenant in the Platoon movie: “This gonna be a shit sandwich and everybody’s gonna take a bite.”

Except Peters, Glen, Williams and Clark are all sucking down teflon. But over the last 24 hours, where’s Rodney Hide suddenly vanished to? As for National, they don’t even need to make a peep. Christmas just came early this year.


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