It begins

What can you say about a governing party that announces an election, and then lets the opposition beat it to the hoardings by a solid 24 hours?

Yes, the election was set last Friday for Nov 8. National’s hoardings started going up on Friday night and by lunchtime Saturday were everywhere. Someone told me that Paula Bennett (National MP in Waitakere) had breached some kind of regulation by actually getting her hoardings up too early (which presumably means before the elcetion was announced, or more than two months prior to the election) but evidently neither she – nor the person who told me about it – were sufficiently concerned to do anything about it.

You can tell how close Labour and National are by the similarity of their hoardings. The only difference is that John Key’s put himself all over his candidate’s hoardings, which sends a clear message to everyonbe not to expect any actual autonomy or responsibility from their locally elected National MP.

Unlike the big two parties’ solid colour and bold text, the Greens are there with beautiful imagery and interesting messaging. There’s no doubt that the Greens have a more interesting statement. The only error – and it’s a detail – is that while their coreflutes look like billboards, hoardings generally occupy less premium real estate than billboards. They’re lower to the ground and generally in moving traffic areas, rather than stationary ques at intersections etc.

Good on the Greens – and National – for beating Labour to the hoardings, at least around where I live. And to think we do it ourselves, while the bigger parties pay builders to do it. Capable. Still to see NZ First (“Yeah, right”), Maori, UF. From memory of past elections, Jim Anderton doesn’t even bother until about the week before. Given his lone-wolf strategy of going it alone from Sydenham, you sort of wonder why he bothers at all. Maybe it’s something about credibility. Wouldn’t have thought he’d have too much difficulty there.

Oh, that’s right. He’s the fishery minister who resisted New Zealand’s UN vote to block the mega-destructive practice of bottom-trawling.


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