Are we having fun yet?

Why am I enjoying this election more than my National Party voting colleagues? I can only put it down to the notion that National people just don’t like politics. It’s true: democracy slows things down. National peole are always just itching to leap out of bed and start taking money off the rest of us. This cumbersome process, a gross approximation of consencus or mob rule, does have a life of its own. It would be so much easier to simply appoint John Key the benign ditator and let us all get on with the important stuff of printing a buck.

Good grief! Even when they’re the clear favourites to get the top podium finish in the election, they’re still not happy. “I’m sick of this election”, whined the colleague. “Too much talk. Not enough action. I like change.”

Just imagine what she’d be like if she was backing the underdog. Well, I suppose National people don’t back underdogs. That’s how you know they’re National people.

Anyway. At least there’s a real crisis afoot, but somehow I get the feelin that even if the economy wasn’t tacnking, all (or most) of the competing parties in the current election deserve credit for relieving the voters of the tedium of an election auction debate. That was really both very tedius and very irresponsible of National. Indeed, it revealed National as a single issue party.

What hurts most is – if National forms a government – how much they’ll forsake their own voters. The truth is that under National, there will be increased job losses, increased debt, decreased health, and increased wealth among people who already have it.


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