Live coverage

Candidate debate, Titirangi Presbo Church. 30 Oct, 7pm.

Tim Groser, N.

Kath Dewear, G.

Mikaere Curtis, G.

David Cunliffe, L.

The meeting’s already 20 minutes late and Cunliffe’s nowhere in sight, leaving plenty of time for jokes about investment in public transport.

Tim Groser wins the toss. He says he used to be an actor. He says he couldn’t leave Wellington fast enough. Not very fitting for a politician.

Primarily: economic issues.

Seondary: social issues.

He’s saying for the first time ever we’re poorer than Australia’s poorest state, Tasmania.

He’s saying we’re the most diasporic country in the developed world.

The econimic foundations are subsiding.

This he attributes to poor education.

He says he’s not a particularly partial National party member.

Cunliffe just walked in.

He’s finishing with a bit about John.

Nest up:Mikaere. We’re about the party vote. Going to cover the ground made by the Greens.

Takes issues with the Diaspora. 30 million Irish passports, 3 mil Irish residents. We don’t know diaspora.

Why do we go to Australia? Because National put us out of work.

Back to the Greens. Apart from achievements under Labour, Greens are inherently consultative. That’s for damn sure!  All you have to be is be a member.

Housing insulation under ETS. It’ll be scrapped by National.

Food labelling. We all know what can go wrong after Fonterra’s debacle in China.

Un-damning the Waitaki.

Save Happy Valley.

Human rights. Keith Lock on Ahmed Zaoui.

Kath’s thanking everyone for turning up. Especially the Res&Ratepayers who’re hosting. She’s Yorkshire. But found Turangawaewae here in NZ. Marketing, own bizness, etc. etc.

Stop acknowledging people!

Been working to reduce plastic bags in Green Bay. I clap and get half the room to follow suit.

We’re all about local involement in decisions. It’s key for us. Why Greens are in local gvt, and why we oppose National’s reduction of the RMA, which reduces the public say, in things like the local Vector substation.

Want to impose 300m minimum between substations and people. Big claps and hearhears.

Safety in food. Everyone wants it. “We’re disgusted the will of most NZers is being ignored.”

A vote for N or L is a vote for harmful foods, I think she said. A deal with Monsanto.

Transport: Pple in Titirangi use their cars, a lot. That’s because there ain’t no choice.

If you care about the kids in the room, the only planet we’ve got, then do something good. PVG.

Natalie Kupanga. Kiwi Party for Tamaki Makaurau. After the party vote. Ngati Parau. From Ruatoria. We were never encouraged to go to University. Highest goal for us was to be a school teacher.

Was a public servant in wellinton and was introduced to individualism. My this, my that. A shock. Was mroe used to “our.”

Went back to school as an adult with 2 kids. Realised potential as a Maori in this country.

One day got a visitor from the EEC. He knew how many Maoris were going to Aussie, and why. “That saddened my heart.”

Standards: attracted to the Kiwi Party. Helped set up the Maori Party. Why? Had a gutsful. The F&Sbed was the last straw.

The sea is our food cupboard. It was taken away from us. In addition to farming. But red meat is not so helpful to us.

So, why the Kiwi Party? I came across an anomaly. The party vote. It may not happen to other parties, but for Maori, the party vote goes nowhere for Maori. In an interview, raised two things about the party vote. Population size, the party vote means nothing. Two votes to the Maori Party is gonna be wasted. Maori Party vote went two to National, two to labour, one to the greens and one to … sorry, outa time. But what about my policy. Sorry, fair’s fair.

Cunliffe. Again thanking the R&R. Acknowledge hte fellow candidates.

I believe your trust has to be re-earend. A sacred trust, you give to you representative and party.

Firstly, nationwide issues around choices. Second: local issues.

This election is interesting. It started out like a game of beach cricket: give the other kid a go.  OK: what is the best answer: change TO WHAT?

Biggest economic crisis since 1930. We’re a small boat. Can be tossed. You need a good skipper, which we have with Helen and Michael. But he’s not proving it.

Skim milk prices down. Dollar down. IMF: global growth down 23% anticipated.

What are doing about it? Incomes per captiter post inflation are up a quarter.

Government deposit insurance, within 40 days of re-election.

You don’t cutcutcut in an economy. You must keep people in jobs, who can pay their bills. That means we bring forward infrstructure. Ensure no-one under 18 is without a job or training. Every NZ worker can get a re-traiing package.

Get students through without a mountain of debt.

He keeps saying “I’m proud of …” Good on him.

Human rights and decency in international relations. Proud of it.

Proud that our vision is a Green vision.  ETS. But what about fairness?

Cops, docks, trees, dogs and kids. That’s what the locals want.

Acknowledge the work in public transport. New Lynn. Going to re-tool bus routes.

The sub-station. I give you this commitment. I will spare no energy to ensure to the extent of my ability that that substation does not get built on the designated site. I’ve had a commitment they’ll move it and I’ll give them merry hell if they don’t.

Question time.


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