September 8, 2008

So, the Greens have entered the fray with their camapgin. What do you think?

My associations with it are: future focus, cleanliness, simplicity, accountability, serious and, on the negative side, it looks a little cold and slightly damp.

Still, miles better than the blue team’s, which seem to suffer from exactly the same problems that the Greens’ did last time: confusion and clutter. I think both the Greens’ and National’s 08 campaign suffer from a certain over investment in fear mongering.

Chris Trotter has been quoted as saying this Green campaign has the potential to deliver a 2% increase of vote share, which, when you’re in the little leage hovering around 5%, is a big deal. But one can’t help but wonder in these days of peak oil, infrastructure crisis and the consumer drive towards authenticity, that maybe they couldn’t have set their sights higher.

Still, at least one things clear: party vote Green.



September 4, 2008


  • The multiple ironies of Winston Peters being made to squirm
  • The political no-one’s-land immediately post MMP elections
  • Action – albeit too little, too late, but at least, action – on climate change
  • The Metservice predictions of a dry, mild spring
  • Sharing the train with other commuters
  • Lou Reed, paris, 1974 (dig that tache)
  • Shifting the tax base from income to resource consumption

Wonders of the untrained mind

September 1, 2008

Nationals done well to be first on the scene with their billboard campaign. “Wave goodbye to higher taxes, not your loved ones”. At first, I thought I should be worried … was there something terrible happening to my loved ones? Should I be home, defending wife and daughter against some ghastly peril? Turns out there was nothing in it. National were just expressing concern that they might suddenly emmigrate.

What a load of nonsense! If my loved ones (or anyone else) wants to leave the country, good on them. No viable amount of tax cutting is going to stop them. As a small isolated country, we like people going away. We love it when they come back too, but let’s be serious

By all means, sing a song of tax reduction, but don’t pretend it’s going to mitigate the kiwis-leaving-the-country-in-droves problem.

People leaving the country is just something ytou have to expect. Where the hell did JK cut his teeth?

Strategising the ETS

August 31, 2008

There was much heated debate last week about whether or not the Greens should support the Emmissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Yes, it has come to this. Such is the degree of difficulties with Labour that supporting a piece of legislation that would contribute towards vital Green goals of countering climate change could be strongly argued to be against Green interests.

But Jeanette probably made the right decision. The Greens are, after all, the only party that actually makes its policies known, and then acts upon them (I’ll investigate that claim more thoroughly shortly). We did support it, it will go through, and we’re all still here. Anyone who seriously believes the we would have gained more votes off National supporters by derailing it is clearly more interested in us as a foil for Labour than as a real political entity with a mandate from real voters to serve and protect a real environment.

We’re all still here.

Britomart Friday night

August 29, 2008

AK’s not so bad of an eve. Brilliant Chris Marker videxhibit at Gus Fisher gallery. Lawrence Simmons and I traded insults with Nick Perry antagonising ascerbically in all directions. Martina and Chris not much better. Everything fell apart quicker than you can say Winston Peters.

Arrived here at Britomart having to wait a solid half hour – longer – for the next damn train. WIfe bitterly dissapointed and putting up magnificent show of not showing it.

Saw John careful-how-you-spell-it Carapiet and that was brilliant. He’s running in Helen’s Mt Albert. The thing is, you have to run a candidate, even if all you’re really interested in is the electoral  list. Doesn’t matter if no-one votes for you, you can still do heaps of good in the area just by virture of being a candidate.

15 minutes till the train. Gonna post this, figure out how to change the dorky tagline under the blog heading, get on the goddam train and get back.

Who will you vote for?

August 28, 2008

Check back here to refresh your thinking.